African Wild Dog

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African Wild Dogs are native to the savannahs of Africa.  They are the second largest wild canine in the world, right behind the Grey Wolf.  They are easily identifiable by their spectacular coat patterns of tan, black, and white.  They are unique in the fact that they are the only canines naturally lacking in dewclaws and the roundness of their upright ears.

The African Wild Dog hunts large game in packs in Africa.  Their diets consist of primarily gazelles and other antelope, which they frequently catch after a persistent chase.  African Wild Dogs are incredibly efficient hunters, and achieve a kill after 80 percent of their hunts.  Like the Grey Wolf of North America, the African Wild Dogs have both male and female hierarchies within the pack structure.  However, this hierarchy is not based on the strength of an alpha or their ability to assert their dominance.  Instead African Wild Dogs who lead packs are not the most dominant, but instead the least submissive.  Disputes are settled in non-violent ways, this is believed to occur because most packs are made up of related individuals.

African Wild Dogs spend a great part of their focus on the pack.  Pups can be produced any time of the year, but litter sizes are large.  Litters up to 19 pups have been reported. When pups mature, it is the females that leave their birthpacks to look for new packs — a phenomenon unique to them amongst the many species of social mammals.

African Wild Dog Totem Information

2902762246_b6f3f538b4_zThe African Wild Dog, due to their unique coat patterns,  speak strongly to the need of being an individual while maintaining harmony in social situations or when working as a team.  They achieve success through their perseverance in long chases. African Wild Dog has strong love and compassion towards others, and focuses heavily on the aspect of the “family” or “pack.  African Wild Dog is also are incredibly fond children, which is seen in how they exuberantly take care of the pups in the group; and they continue to keep a sense of childishness within themselves as well, which surfaces as play and in their daily interactions.

African Wild Dog, due to it’s submissive nature, can teach us when it is important to let go of disputes, take care of the needs of others before our own, and, take the lead in groups when no one else is rising to the occasion.

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